East India

posted under Region of the month   |  02 Jul 2010

The regions of East India consisting of West Bengal, Sikkim, Orissa, Bihar and Jharkhand is exotic and largely unexplored, washed by the azure depths of the Bay of Bengal its gradually proving alluring to Indians as well as foreign tourists.

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Desert Adventure In India

posted under Region of the month   |  02 Jun 2010

Rajasthan And Gujarat
Spanning through the magnificent states of Gujarat and Rajasthan the Indian Desert is an amazing place to look for truly fantastic wild flora and fauna. Animals and plants in the desert survive in a hostile environment. Intense heat, searing sun, and lack of water are just a few of the challenges facing desert animals and plants. The desert areas of India houses some animals that never drink and plant seeds that can stay alive for years without water are typical of the miracles of this most infirm zone. In the Indian subcontinent, deserts, with an area of about 225,000 sq km covers just under 7% of the total land area.

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posted under Region of the month   |  21 Apr 2010

Kerala is the spice coast of India.  Edged by a thread to unbroken beach line, the states heart is composed of intensely green paddy fields and a unique network of rivers and lagoons.  Upland Kerala is composed of hills thickly wooded with teak and rubber.  It is here that carefully nurtured plantations of cardamom, pepper and nutmeg are grown.

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