Desert Adventure In India

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Rajasthan And Gujarat

Spanning through the magnificent states of Gujarat and Rajasthan the Indian Desert is an amazing place to look for truly fantastic wild flora and fauna. Animals and plants in the desert survive in a hostile environment. Intense heat, searing sun, and lack of water are just a few of the challenges facing desert animals and plants. The desert areas of India houses some animals that never drink and plant seeds that can stay alive for years without water are typical of the miracles of this most infirm zone. In the Indian subcontinent, deserts, with an area of about 225,000 sq km covers just under 7% of the total land area.
Camel Safari Adventure
Rajasthan welcomes its visitors to luxuriate in the desert adventure on Camel Safari. The safari is organized to explore the golden sands of the boundless Thar Desert and lucid countryside. While on camel safari one encounters the perfect melange of the sand / shrub offering an awesome panorama with the diverse range of flora and fauna.

Camel safari in the sands of the Thar Desert is a lifetime rendezvous with the great natural splendor of Rajasthan and its simple colorful people. Also one of the opportune way of exploring the prohibited regions of the desert.

Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation arranges the camel safari on request from Delhi and Jaipur during Nagaur Fair and Desert Festival.

Bird Watching Adventure
Rajasthan’s lakes, ponds, swamplands and grasslands are a paradise for its aerial population. Keoladeo National Park situated in Bharatpur is the chosen home of the bird life and is the biggest bird national park in whole Asia. This world famous Bharatpur National Park enjoys the pleasure of some rare migratory birds like Siberian Cranes and immense diversities of local population.
The best time for bird sighting begins with the onset of winter when marshlands and water bodies are inhabited by migratory birds as well as resident birds.

Vintage Car Rally Adventure
The Jaipur Vintage Car Rally is getting its popularity among the car adventure enthusiast sports lovers, vintage beauty paramour and tourists at the same time. The event takes place annually in the month of January with an exquisite display of well-equipped cars of yesteryears. The most popular among the vintage models that arrives in from far distant areas of India to participate in the Vintage Car Rally includes the 1903 Humber, 1919 Fiat 501, 1923 rover, 1936 Mercedes Benz 170 V, 1938 Morris 8, 1923 Austin and the 1926 Erskine. The Vintage Car lovers will be excited to know that some of these cars are also available on hire for joyance rides and marriages.

Sand Dunes Safari Camps Adventure
The Sand Dune Safari Camp continues to endure an ideal sojourn on the desert excursion itinerary of group tourists, individual travelers, celebrated film-makers, photographers and adventure seekers from abroad as well as India.

The Dune Safari camp facilitates to explore the unrevealed territory of the rugged terrain of the beautiful desert oasis.
The camps are situated at a distance of 40km from Jaisalmer at Sam Sand dunes, a charismatic region in itself. Enjoy the sunrise or sunset at dawn or at the dusky heaven in the desert and luxuriate in the magical excursion of the mirages in the Thar. One can opt for either a camel or a jeep or can try out a combination of both of them.

Horse Safari Adventure
Horses were greatly priced and it was a symbol of pride for a Rajput warrior to own a good horse. Rajput horses were distinguished for their resistance and immense devotion for their masters. In Rajasthan, the tourist can have the joyance of riding a horse that will take them through remotest villages, pass colossal forts and temples. Nights are arranged in the ancient palaces and Garhs (small forts), evenings can be spent at campsites under the open sky accompanied by local folk dance and musicians.

Wildlife Adventure
Rajasthan’s National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries offers a delightful sighting of wildlife that includes its aerial population, mammals, reptiles and an immense diversities of plant growth along the hilly and forested terrain. These wildlife reserves can easily be explored either by jeep or on elephant safari. Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary and the Ranthambore National Park are homes to the Royal Indian Tiger and are a great source of attraction among the wildlife enthusiast. Other wildlife attractions include wild boar, jackal, sambar and nilgai. The Ranthambore National Park is also a heritage site, as it houses the majestic remnants of a thousand-year-old Ranthambore Fort. A trip to these wildlife reserves is greatly boosted for animal and adventure lovers.

Adventure Sports
The sporting events in Rajasthan are quite unique and stimulating - includes Trekking, Horse and Camel Polo, Ballooning / Para-sailing, Golf, Kite Flying, Bicycling, Water Sports.

Rajasthan is well connected by means of Air, Rail and Road transport to all the major parts of India. While regular bus services are available to nearby states trains and flights connect to distant locations. There are regular flights and train services from Delhi, Mumbai and many other major cities of India.

Key Factors
States : Rajasthan and Gujarat.
Major Locations : Thar Desert and the Rann of Kutch
Best Time to Visit : October to March


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