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posted under Testimonials   |  21 Apr 2010

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Just a bit of feedback on the trip that my parents went on:
From us all – thanks for the excellent service we received from both you and the ground operator in India considering the last minute reservations.

My parents thoroughly enjoyed their trip and were really impressed with the level of service they received on the other side especially since they have both booked previously with Avoca Tours and Mk Bobby Naidoo and had not received such a personal touch from either.

They especially enjoyed the fact that the tour was in a private car and that there was not too much driving involved as per their previous trips.

The hotels you booked were very comfortable and of a better quality than ones stayed in previously being the same star rating.

Thank you so much for all your assistance with everything…

Kind regards

Natelie said
on 21 Apr 2010

Dear Natelie, we are really pleased that your parents had a good experience travelling with us, thank you kindly for the feedback.

admin said
on 22 Apr 2010

Hi Yashika,

Just a quick note to say thank you for all of your hard work in putting my India trip together.

I had such a fabulous time and that is mostly thanks to your arrangements and the lovely tours and hotels you put us in. We were spoiled from the moment we left the airport and it was so nice to see a nice friendly face after an entire day of travelling. The hotels, drivers and guides were all efficient, professional and friendly. Before going to India I had heard all the horror stories of the unclean hotels and the unfriendly taxi drivers but I am very glad to say that our experience of India was the total opposite with super clean and beautiful hotels to driving around in air conditioned luxury vehicles.

I would definitely recommend your services to all my friends and family and will definitely plan my next India trip with you.

Kind Regards
Kavitha Maharaj

Kavitha Maharaj said
on 30 Apr 2010

Dear Kavitha, we are glad that your journey was nothing compared to the stories that you heard of India and look forward to planning your next holiday!

admin said
on 30 Apr 2010


Please allow me the opportunity in thanking you for arranging a superb trip for me and my family to India and Dubai. As it was our first time oversees it could not have went any better. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip from the first moment we boarded the plane till the last moment we arrived back in SA. India was INCREDIBLE and it was an experience that we will never forget. The hotels that we stayed in was excellent, the travel arrangements was excellent and the people were extremely friendly. Please covey my thanks to your business partners Bruce and Vinodh in India. Thank you for the special gift of the supper in Agra, it was totally unexpected and thoroughly enjoyed. Yashika, a special thank you to you, you really went out of your way in making our dreams come true, thank you for your understanding, for your help with the passports when I gave up hope and you didn’t, but most of all thank you for treating us like family and not like customers. Its really appreciated.

You can be guaranteed that I will be using your services again and recommending you and your company to my friends and family in future . The TRAVEL ARCHITECT has become my travel agent for any of my future holidays. Keep up the excellent service.

thank you, enjoy your day


on 30 Apr 2010

Dear Rajesh, Thank you so much for the letter, it has been our honor to have had the opportunity to have arranged your experience for you!  Thank you for entrusting us with your dream.

admin said
on 30 Apr 2010

Hi Yashika, just thought I would inform you of superbly organised travel arrangements by you. There was absolutely nothing to complain about! Excellent, will refer clients and friends for future travels.

Yegalan Chetty said
on 26 May 2010

Dear Yegalan,  Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated and keeps us striving to maintain the standard.

admin said
on 28 May 2010

Apologies for the delayed response, seeing that I have returned from my fabulous India trip in April. India is incredible.Yashika thank you for the fantastic itenary that you put together.  Arrangements were perfect and the accomodation was more than expected.  Being driven around by my own personal driver added a personal touch to my travels.  I have recommended your services to friends and family. 

Kind regards
Malthi and Pam Singh

on 14 Jun 2010

Dear Malthi and Pam,

I have to say that the holiday you went on was the ultimate, I think I need to tag along on the next adventure! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a message on the website, I definitely look forward to planning your next journey!

admin said
on 15 Jun 2010

Hi Yashika
How are you? I certainly hope the new year is treating you well!
Mum and dad have arrived safely from India and I am sooooo pleased to say that they thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a wonderful time in India!
On behalf of Varsha and I, I would just like to say thank you for all the well-planned arrangements and follow-ups and ensuring that the journey was a smooth one!
Take care and keep in touch!

Sarisha said
on 07 Jan 2011

Dear Sarisha and Varsha,

It’s my absolute pleasure!  I am really happy that their holiday was a good experience and look forward to when I can entice you guys to visit India!!

admin said
on 07 Jan 2011

Hi Yashika,

My sincere apologies for not replying to your email sooner. Although I have been back at work since Wed, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with catching up on work.
Thank you for organising our trip, I had an amazing time.
The traveling (drives between cities) was a little tiring (I think it was to be expected) but that was quickly forgotten once we reached our destination and we were distracted by our surroundings.
I think it was bad planning on our side to spend so little time at the beginning in each city. In hindsight we should’ve spent at least 2 or 3 nights to factor in seeing more of the place and resting from the trip. But it was not a major problem, and it’s something we will learn from smile
I will definitely visit India again. It is so vast and there is much to see that you can’t possibly do it all in one visit.
Thank you once again for all your assistance. You made this a memorable experience.

Kind regards

Keshika Ramjathan said
on 11 Jan 2011

Dear Keshika,
Thanks for the feedback, what happens is that I need to compete with itineraries that other operators have given and once a client sees a proposed itinerary they are set on it  I do feel that most people forget how vast India truly is and its only experience that would lead you to say that the next time you travel you would rather focus on a region, that’s how I do it and some areas need to be revisited more than once
I am extremely glad that you had a good experience!

admin said
on 11 Jan 2011

Hello Yashika,
A sincere message of thanks to you and the teams – Travelarchitect and your Indian Counterpart for making our trip to Incredible / Amazing INDIA (19/12/2010 to 05/01/2011) a truly memorable experience. From our entire group - Anil Dukey, Niroopa Ramjathan, Keshika Ramjathan, Tharawathi Bagwandin, Prabashni Gengiah.
It has been the first for all of us, but due to your professional handling of the entire tour it was a seamless experience and with no hitches. Impressive service by every member of the team and its contract partners (guides and transporters) was just outstanding. The hotels were also good to very good with matching services.
In our interactions with the above hospitality personnel there were 3 that we think should be mentioned as outstanding persons in making our holiday a lot more comfortable and interesting -  (1) Anand – driver from Dehli / Agra / Jaipur / Dehli. (2) Satypaul – head at the coffee bar – Rocklands in Dehli (3) Girish – front office at Godwin in Mumbai.
In conclusion a big thanks to actually everyone that was part in making our trip so easy and exciting.
Your personal assistance in the planning of our itinerary was also great and we will definitely recommended to family and friends. Also should we consider another trip in the future we will, without doubt, use your expertise again.
Thank you once again from all of us.
19th January 2011.

Anil Dukey said
on 19 Jan 2011

Dear Anil, thank you for the feedback, I look forward to assisting you in the future!

admin said
on 19 Jan 2011

Dear Yashika
Thanks for a well planned trip to the Motherland India it was really an exciting experience for my family.Please convey my thanks also to Mr Vinodh and Mr Sharm for all the assistance and cooperation that we received while in India, we were always greeted with a friendly smile by our drivers at all points of arrival and departure and also commend them on their timeous arrival to take us to our destination. Once again thanks and have a wonderful 2011.
Kind Regards
Anoop - Sumi and family

Anoop Singh said
on 19 Jan 2011

Dear Anoop, thank you- there is very little more rewarding than knowing that clients have had a good experience of a country that has so much to offer, especially if they were willing to venture off the beaten track!

admin said
on 19 Jan 2011


Many many Thanks for the amazing vacation I have just returned from.
It was really wonderful!!!  Emirates Palace was especially amazing!!!

Thank You!

I’ll send some pictures as soon as I recover from a bit of jet lag.

Ntuthu Dlamini said
on 17 Feb 2011

Hi Ntuthu, you definitely had the ultimate Sex in the City getaway!  smile

admin said
on 17 Feb 2011

Hi Yashika

Thank you for organising and making Pariksha and my trip to the Victoria Falls in September 2010 awesome! Vic Falls Safari Lodge was fantastic. We could not ask for anything better. Thank you for making this Wonder of the World come to reality for us. You are the BEST. We will definately call on you again.

Best wishes for 2011 & May The Travel Architect reach great heights.

Lots of love.

Pranisha Parag said
on 23 Feb 2011

Dear Pranisha, Thank you for the feedback, yes Vic Falls still is one of the most majestic sights smile  I look forward to planning your next holiday!

admin said
on 23 Feb 2011

My experience in India was just magic. Thanks to you and your team for orgainising my family and myself an awesome time with no flaws to come back and complain about. Your tour operator and guides in India were so friendly and well versed with the history and facts. I especially enjoyed my time at the Ayurvedic wellness centre in Whitefields. The ambience, the treaments, the service, the staff from the garderner to the doctor were all just marvelous. I must thank you and your team for a most memorable time in India. I would most certainly highly recommend anyone who wants to be treated like royalty to travel with the Travel Architect.

Anusha Govender said
on 08 Mar 2011

Dear Anusha, in a service related industry the highest accolade is a client whom has had a good experience and takes the time to give feedback.  As a client I also think that the most important thing to know is that your holiday means as much to us as it does to you!

admin said
on 08 Mar 2011

We just got back from a 2week holiday in India.
We had an awesome time, everything was well planned and ran smoothly. The operator in India was amazing , always punctual and helpful. We loved the tours and the hotels and could not have asked for a better holiday. A big THANK YOU to Yashika for arranging our trip. Will definitely recommend Yashika to friends and family.
Kind regards, Anusha and Sharmlen Naidoo

Anusha Naidoo said
on 23 Mar 2011

Dear Anusha,  thank your for your feedback, its greatly appreciated, compromising on quality is not an option with The Travel Architect.

admin said
on 24 Mar 2011

Hi Yashika
You have given me a great gift, by once again organising such a fabulous trip for my sister, brother-in-law and myself. Bangalore, Puttaparthi, Auyrvedic clinic, Varanasi and Mumbai was a spiritual package that will live with us forever. it was pure MAGIC.Thank you for all your clock-work planning, booking of beautiful hotels and allowing us to have cherished memories.
Looking foward to many more trips of this high standard.
Thank you

Pranisha Parag said
on 10 May 2011

Dear Pranisha,  thank you for the message its lovely to have repeat clients feel that they have made the right choice again.  I look forward your planning your future adventures:)

admin said
on 10 May 2011

Hi Yashika

I hope this mail finds you well.

I wanted to give you my thanks for organising the trip for my family.
They had such a good time, were impressed with the guides and really they felt very taken care of.
That was all that I could ask for.

I do appreciate your instant replies when I asked something and the info that you gave us- they never did get sick!!!

Thanks for all the planning- it was worth it.

Take care and know that we will probably call on you when we plan our trip to India!

Pariksha Ramparsad

Pariksha Ramparsad said
on 24 Nov 2011

Dear Pariksha,
Thank you for the feedback, I am glad to hear that your parents and aunt had a good holiday as I know how concerned you had been about their first holiday abroad.  Please do not restrict you call just to when you are travelling to India as I can assist with any destination:)

admin said
on 24 Nov 2011

Had the most awesome holiday thanks to travel architect!!!!! Definitely doing more traveling. via Facebook Group

Darshana Beharie said
on 21 Jun 2012

Dear Darshana, I am glad you enjoyed it, we look forward to helping with all your holidays:)

admin said
on 21 Jun 2012

Apologies for the late response.

Everything was awesome and went off flawlessly. The guys organised everything to the T, personally I was very impressed.

I can’t wait till the next grand prix we go on 

Thanks again for help with arranging. Much appreciated.


Devan Govender said
on 14 Nov 2012

Dear Devan, thank you so much for the response Devan, I am really pleased that you had an enjoyable break.

admin said
on 14 Nov 2012

Good Morning Yashika
Thanx a mil for a wel planned   and organised holiday , I wanted to send u “Thank U” mail bt work just got me down never the less   this hols was magical just to experience Diwali was our highlight I enjoyed the shopping very much bought like mad nowhere to wear them it goes back in the suitcase.
My blessings and good wishes go out to u and yr family for the new year and may u prosper in yr work which u do so good (I know u love yr work) We re already planning our next hols to the Far East
Will keep in contact. 
Kind Regards

Neesha Harilall said
on 06 Dec 2012

Dear Neesha, I am so pleased to hear that you and Alan have enjoyed your holiday!  Temptation is very difficult to overcome when shopping smile  I look forward to hearing from you soon, have a safe and blessed festive season.

admin said
on 06 Dec 2012

The holiday was excellent, thank you very much for assisting with everything.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the trip.  The Indian team were brilliant in every city and gave us valuable information during the tours and transfers.

The most appealing parts to me personally was the architecture and history.  The tour in Varanasi to the Buddhist sites, visits to the temples and to the Gandhi museums in Delhi and Mumbai really made me see how much more India has than just shopping at bazaars 
This trip was definitely better than my last trip in 2007.

All the hotels were excellent, hotel staff friendly and helpful, and meals were both delicious and very well priced.

The only slight issue we had was at Suba Palace in Mumbai where they were unable to hold our bags for us during our visit to Surat as they didn’t have a store-room.  Anup came to the rescue and kept our bags for us at his offices… one more reason why we are so impressed by the Indian Team.

Please pass on heartfelt thanks from myself and my family to the Indian team.  It was very reassuring having someone there to turn to at times of confusion.

Outside of the planned services, I couldn’t easily get a local sim card due to the lengthy delays in activation.  I understand its due to security legislation, but perhaps this is something travellers should be aware of as I rely on my smartphone to get around.

India is a fascinating country that requires several visits to see everything… something I plan to eventually do

Aman Jumna said
on 05 Apr 2013

Dear Aman, thank you for the feedback I am very glad to note that the directive of always keeping my client happy is being well executed in India.  With regard to the local sim, we could possibly arrange for them for clients before they get there as an added service.  Once again thank you for your valuable comments.

admin said
on 05 Apr 2013

Namaste Yashika

Just want to thank you for the wonderful tour that you had planned for Pam and I

All arrangements were to the tee, no hiccups

Had an awesome 3 weeks. Really loved Nepal.

Hope to be jet setting soon

Warm regards

Malthi Singh said
on 28 Nov 2014

Dear Malthi, thank you for your feedback, we look forward to helping you plan your next holiday.

admin said
on 03 Dec 2014

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